Every mother to be is very excited for the new chapter in her life. Whether she is going to be a first time mother or second or third, the excitement is almost the same. Moreover, it is normal for young pregnant ladies to be afraid of the body changes that will occur during their pregnancy. The body changes as the pregnancy develops. The future mother’s body goes through hormonal and endocrine changes which influence their skin, hair, weight and their body shape. Swollen legs or arms are a normal pregnancy manifestations. Your gynecologist will explain all normal manifestations, but we will give you some useful tips: practice a healthy eating regimen and avoid salt!
Blemishes, freckles, hair…. Some pregnant ladies experience hair loss. You can fight hair loss with special lotions that will strengthen the weak hair roots. Use a mixture of apple cider vinegar and a few lemon juice drops instead hair conditioner. In their third month and until the sixth, future mothers may notice small freckles on their forehead. These small brown spots may spread on the face, neck and even on the chests. Doctors call this condition chloasma. The freckles will disappear after the birth and breast feeding or when you have your first after pregnancy period.
However, if you are not pregnant and you experience this kind of facial pigmentation please consult your doctor because sometimes these freckles may signal serious uterus issues. It is a common manifestation of anemia as well.

Practice a balanced diet rich in vitamins. Consume carrots, whole grain cereals, wheat grains, cabbage, lemons, spinach, cheese, fresh vegetables, soy, tomatoes, beer yeast…

don’t expose your skin on sun too much because it will make the pigmentation ever worse.

don’t wash your face with soap, but use milk or fresh eggs to clean your face.

Wash your face every night and morning with a mallow water or a tea made of mallow flowers and leaves (three pinches for a cup).

apply poultices soaked in birch juice.

during the night apply a poultice of smashed strawberries.

try poultices of burdock leaves, cucumbers or poultices soaked in fumaria (two pinches for a cup).

homemade night cream: 125 grams butter, two teaspoons cypress extract and two tablespoons common sage extract.

homemade day cream: the same recipe, but instead butter use fresh yogurt.