Enlarged veins appear as a result of weakened veins or valves in the legs. This condition leads to blood accumulation in the legs and pressure. In this article, we will give you a few homemade treatments for enlarged veins.

• Mash horse-chestnut leaves. Apply poultices of the mash on the affected areas.

• Soak vine leaves in apple cider vinegar for two hours. Apply the soaked leaves on the affected areas and wrap them with gauze or bandage. Leave the poultices during the night.

• Apply apple cider vinegar on your legs every morning and every night. Also, drink a cup of mixture made of a cup of water, a spoon of apple cider vinegar and a spoon of honey.

• Apply some honey on the affected areas and cover it with green walnut leaves. Hold the poultices six to seven hours. Do this treatment for fifteen to twenty days. Moreover, the next 20 days consume 10 walnuts per day.

• Make a mixture of honey and sunflower. Soak the sunflower in a liter of water for 24 hours. Afterwards, boil the mixture until half of the liquid evaporates. Then, add the same amount of rakia and 200 gr of honey and mix the ingredients well.

Treat your varicose veins with these homemade recipes and you will notice the results after a few treatments.