Yarrow is number one herb when it comes to treating diseases in women. Regardless of their age, ladies should consume yarrow tea every day. The yarrow tea is very beneficial for the women’s reproductive organs. It grows in meadows, in wheat fields and forests. The best period for harvesting is summer because yarrow is full of essential oils and beneficial compounds when exposed to high temperatures and sun. Pain caused of ovarian inflammation disappears after only one bath with yarrow liquid. Yarrow baths are effective in treating excessive vaginal discharge and bed-wetting in adults and children as well. In this case, the patients should drink two cups of yarrow tea a day as well.
Uterine prolapse can be treated with yarrow in the following way :

practice yarrow baths for longer period and drink every day lady’s mantle tea (four cups a day). Use shepherd’s purse tincture to massage the external parts of the body starting from the vagina to the uterus area.

In case of uterine fibroids every day practice warm yarrow baths until they are totally healed.
Yarrow bath recipe

In cold water add 100 gr yarrow and let it soak during the night. The next day heat the mixture until it boils. Then, strain the liquid and add it in the tub.